The Making of "Pony Hair and Don't Care!"

I can connect with this pony on so many levels. The first level is the crazy hair-boy can we relate to this as we head past 2 months of lockdown. It is easier for me to hide my growing locks as I generally pull it back into a pony tail anyways. My kids however, oh boy! They are bringing back the long-haired hippie look! I have threatened on several occasions to take my livestock clippers to them but they are having none of that. Not sure why they don't trust me with a pair of clipperswink.

Another reason this drawing is so important to me is because it was created with some local school ponies in mind. During the Covid-19 lockdown, all riding stables had to cease their lessons programs. No lessons, means no income to support these horses. Barn owners are struggling to make ends meet and keep their faithful lesson horses fed and cared for until their riders can return. I am donating prints to some of our local riding stables for them to auction off and try and bring a bit of financial relief at a time it is so needed.

The next level of connection to this piece is my love of horses. Cute bratty ponies especially! I have been so fortunate to have had horses be a part of my life for so long. If you are familiar with ponies, then you know that they can have what we shall call a "strong personality". When I was young, I LOVED Norman Thelwell's depiction of the typical pony and horse crazed child. I was that kid! (if you aren't familiar with Thelwell's ponies look him up, they are amazing cartoons!) "Pony Hair and Don't Care" is my realistic portrait drawing of a Thelwell pony! 

Although a lot of ponies easily fit the "spawn of evil" description, there are some great exceptions to this rule. I have to say my first pony, which I got waaaayyy back in 1983, was an angel on four legs and is probably the reason why I have such a soft spot for the mini equines. (we aren't going to count the black devil pony named Goblin that would attack any male he saw and dump any rider in the ditch. I was only two or three when we had him) My first pony was a saintly 11.2 hands high shetland pony named Krista Belle. The things I could do with that pony! It was a heart breaking day when she passed away. Fast forward almost 4 decades and I am so happy that my daughter has her special pony. His name is Ace of Spades, and like my Krista, she does everything on him. We have been blessed! Below is a picture of my beautiful Krista Belle and my daughter on her super pony!

Hope you enjoyed the thought process and the reasons behind the creation of this piece. Thank you for all your support.

Yours in art,


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