The Making of "Harvest Time"

The small orchard on our 100 acre farm is a constant source of inspiration for me.  From the beautiful, fragrant blooms in spring, to the harvest in the fall, I am always enjoying this peaceful space.  Every year I take so many reference photos, and constantly find myself wandering amongst the 100+ year old branches. Oh the stories they could tell. 

Being certified organic we don’t use any chemical sprays so in the spring and summer, it is alive with birds and their nests, as well as squirrels that use the connecting branches to run from one end of the orchard to the other whilst never having to touch the ground. (usually with my dog Ava in hot pursuit dreaming of the day they might slip and fall and then they may actually have a fair foot race! This has never happened though wink)

The fall with its crisp cool air, intensely blue skies, and the sweet smell of apples just reminds me of family. When the apples are ready to harvest, the whole extended family will often come out to help pick and process them. We bought a homemade apple crusher and apple press with the farm so when family gathers to help, we process many, many gallons of sweet apple cider. Some of the juice is bottled to stay sweet and some my brother in law Josef takes to make a hard cider. The results from that vary from year to year but it is always entertaining! (Just don't ask him about the time it all exploded! Yikes what a mess!) The apple mash, or cake, that is left once we have pressed out the juice goes back with Josef who owns and operates an organic dairy farm (where he processes their milk into the best yoghurt, kefir and sour cream).  The cows love this fall treat! 

As you can see from the progress photo's, (sorry about the quality of them!), about 1/3 of the original drawing didn't make the final cut. In the end, I thought that the drawing was more balanced without the post and in all honesty, it didn't really add any significant value to the piece. I have to admit though that it was slightly terrifying to slice off that section of the drawing! 

The reference photo for this picture is a very special one for me. It was taken by a good friend of mine, Steven Biggs. I have known Steve for more than two decades now and I am constantly in awe of what he and his family are doing and accomplishing. Steve is an author, a journalist, a horticulturist and an extremely accomplished gardener.  He and his daughter have joined forces to create an entertaining podcast, write and publish several books, blogs, and newsletters centered on urban gardening, gardening fun for kids and stretching our boundaries on what we think is possible in our Canadian climate. I always look forward to our visits and swapping of gardening stories. Please check out his website at There you can find so many helpful articles, podcasts and books. Steve and I differ slightly in that when it comes to gardening, my passion is my flower beds. However, he is a constant source of inspiration to me so I am working hard on making my veggie patch a more aesthetically pleasing place to be.

Steve and I have joined forces to offer an amazing print giveaway of this special piece. We are giving away a 12" x 14" acrylic print worth over $365.00! You can enter here. Giveaway runs from June 1,2020 to June 7,2020. Steve and I will announce the winner on June 8,2020. Good luck!

Hope you enjoyed the thoughts and meanings that went into making "Harvest Time" 

Yours in art,


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